Monday, April 13, 2009

DAY 6: Preparing to Write

Or perhaps an even better title is the one chosen by the photographer from Flickr: Preparing the Voyage.

In addition to
--going to bed at 10 p.m.
--dressing for a real job
--being up, at our desk, and WRITING within 30 minutes
--committing to making progress in our work every day, even if it's only a single line
--and strictly limiting internet distractions

Tonight, for Day 6, we will spend a few minutes preparing for tomorrow's writing. We'll look over our work, considering where the voyage of our took us and our characters today, and considering our direction for tomorrow; we'll organize our work place, whether it's a desk, a spot on the dining room table, or just a humble notebook jammed in a backpack. If there is a special talisman, a photograph, statue or candle that inspires us, we will set that out as well.

It may seem like a small thing--and it is, but it's all part of creating the rhythm and continuity that a novel or our ultimate goal--a lifetime in writing-- demands.


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  2. Patry, have you read THE CREATIVE HABIT by Twyla Tharpe? Should give you some ideas for this blog.

  3. Josephine: Actually, I did read (and very much enjoy) that book when it first came out. I've forgotten most of her suggestions now so would probably benefit from rereading it. However, I do recall being impressed by the way Tharpe's morning routine triggered and supported her daily workouts. That's very much what I'm trying to establish for writing.

  4. I keep forgetting that talisman. Tidy work place? Ye gads.

  5. Great idea to think over the next day and organize the writing space. Will do tonight!

    I would also love to hear about Tharpe and how she got her morning routine to help her with workouts.

    Thanks again, Patry!

  6. Beryl: My talisman is a photo of my family. Somehow their beautiful faces humble me and encourage me at the same time.

    Danielle: I've got to dig out that Tharpe book, but from what I remember, the magic is all in the creation of simple triggers.

  7. Okay, cutie, I'm in. Although I should be fired for my sweatpants and stained hoodie. Never mind, tomorrow I will dress in a way even your darling grandfather would approve of.

    This is a great idea.

  8. Tish: You're here! I'm so excited! Actually, I worked in sweatpants for much of the day, too--but I wore my red high heels so I felt very fancy.

  9. I can just picture you! How fancy. Actually, I was out of town at a one-day lit event and had to leave the hotel in sweatpants and heels at 3 am when the smoke alarms went off.

    So. Tomorrow, actual pants with a zipper and a shirt that buttons. That's the plan. Oh, and shoes! Need to get red ones like yours.

  10. Patry, wow! This blog is just what I needed. I love the idea of setting the "rules".

    This latest is one of my favorites. If I read a bit of what I'm working on right before I go to bed, I fall asleep inside my story and it works on me all night.

  11. Mary: I'm so glad you found me here. I keep meaning to put up a link on Simply Wait, but I've been too busy writing--well, sometimes.
    I agree about the effect of reading one's work before bed. Why waste all that wonderful subconscious energy?

  12. I've been doing this for the past few weeks--consciously THINKING about what I'll write about tomorrow. It really helps.