Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 7: Timed Writing

Egg Timer
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So far we haven't counted words or pages. All we've demanded of ourselves is a line. A single line every day. Anyone can do that, right?

We've vowed to be at work within a half hour of arising--not just sitting at our desks or lounging on our couches with our laptops, but actually WRITING.

Today, however, we ask a bit more of ourselves. Today we set a timer, or make a sacred contract with the clock that we will not get up from our work for an hour. We won't answer the phone or pour another cup of coffee or even go to the bathroom unless it's an absolute emergency; we won't leap up and pace as we consider the plot--not for this one hour. And above all, we won't doubt ourselves. For sixty minues, sitting at our organized work space, we will just work. With joy. With diligence. With faith in ourselves and the process. Ready, set, GO!


  1. Patry--I love this blog!

    Maybe you could eventually turn it into a non-fiction book for writers? There are zillions of books out there on craft, but I've never found a good one on process. This blog has the makings of something quite unique and special.

    Going downstairs to get coffee and the timer.
    Will check in later.

  2. Oooh yes, that book plus the collection of stories from Simply Wait....

    You got me on the pacing! I do that way too much. Funny how it usually takes me to the kitchen....

  3. Mercedes: Thank you! Let me say again how glad I am that you found me. Your daily enthusiasm energizes me. I began this project to "whip myself into shape," and to really begin to use what I know. We'll see where it leads.

    K: And you got me on the direction of the pacing...When the going gets tough, I head for the chocolate. Thanks for being part of this experiment. I'm interested to learn more about what you're writing...the late seventies, huh?

  4. I'm reading this on a Saturday and am filled with inspiration! Thank you. I'm back for good, and ready to work through the rest of these days (and more).

  5. Lily: It's Monday, and I'm back, too! Glad you're here. I'm hoping we'll all inspire each other.